May 28, 2022

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Opera’s free and innovative Web browser allows you to experience the web on your terms. Discover what over 20 million people have already experienced by downloading Opera’s fast and safe Internet browsers. Features include; Speed Dial: Your favourite sites are just one click away. Search Shortcuts: Type your queries directly into the address bar. Trash Can: Instantly reopen recently closed tabs. Opera Link: Opera Link lets you synchronize data of your choice online, or among different computers and devices. Sync your Speed Dial, Bookmarks, Custom Searches, History and Notes between your work and home computer; take your bookmarks with you on your phone.

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Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by clicking on the feed icon, and you will see it in clean and efficient multiple-column layout. This makes it easier to see a feed’s content before subscribing to it — or even bookmarking it — and to view what’s new in a page quickly, without distractions. New browser engine: We have made the fastest browser in the world even faster with superior support for Web standards. Opera is quicker to start, faster at loading Web pages and better at running your favorite Web applications. Share our passion for technology. Version 9.64 fixes an issue where specially crafted JPEG images ccould be used to execute arbitrary code. Also fixes an issue where plug-ins could be used to allow cross domain scripting, and adds version conditional fetching of certificate dependencies from an online repository.

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